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Craving Beignets at The Clark? Head to Bayou Bakery! - The Clark Blog

Craving Beignets at The Clark? Head to Bayou Bakery!

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When you hear the words “Bayou Bakery,” there’s a strong chance that one treat in particular comes to mind: beignets. These “doughnuts of New Orleans” are, like many of the foods from the Big Easy, inspired by French cuisine. A deep-fried choux dough topped with sugar, beignets go hand-in-hand with all things NOLA. 

You can enjoy these and more right here in Arlington, though, at the Bayou Bakery. For breakfast, brunch, and throughout the day, it’s the perfect spot for something sweet to eatā —including, of course, beignets. Bayou Bakery showcases other classic dishes, too, like pralines and croissants. But they also add a bit of fun to the menu, with Gras-NOLA (a creatively themed granola) and Bayou Taters (a potato, pepper, and onion blend cooked with rosemary and bacon fat). 

Bayou Bakery makes for a delicious start to your day, or something tasty at any hour. Stop by for brunch with friends this weekend or pick up a special treat on your way to the office Monday morning. But whenever you go, be sure to grab a trio of beignets, for the true Bayou experience.

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