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Sip Seasonal Brews at Kino Coffee

Cold-brew coffee, pink grapefruit sparkling water, and rosemary-ginger syrup. Hand-squeezed lemonade, a shot of matcha, and jalapeno-basil syrup over ice. Chilled espresso, OJ, and caramel. These aren’t your average java drinks, and the only place you’ll find them is at Kino Coffee. The first two are seasonal—dubbed the Ruby Rose and the jalapeno-basil lemonade—but the…

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Order a Sandwich and a Shot of Espresso at Gregory’s Coffee

New in town, Gregory's Coffee serves expertly crafted coffee drinks ranging from cappuccinos and lattes to cold brews and frozen cortados. You can also choose from iced teas, smoothies, and juices. As for food, enjoy anything from vegan scrambled sandwiches and turkey sausage egg bites to sweet chocolate croissants and carrot raisin pound cakes.  Not…

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