Order a Sandwich and a Shot of Espresso at Gregory’s Coffee

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New in town, Gregory's Coffee serves expertly crafted coffee drinks ranging from cappuccinos and lattes to cold brews and frozen cortados. You can also choose from iced teas, smoothies, and juices. As for food, enjoy anything from vegan scrambled sandwiches and turkey sausage egg bites to sweet chocolate croissants and carrot raisin pound cakes. 

Not sure exactly what to order? Try one of their Hall & Oats iced coffee with a savory Delux sandwich that’s made with turkey sausage, egg and served on one of their homemade croissants. Expect your taste buds to be tickled as you bite into the sandwich and sip their sweet Hall & Oats made with oat milk, along with cinnamon and vanilla. 

Meet up with friends for brunch inside their charming shop filled with bright lights, plants and mirrors hanging on walls, and plenty of tables and chairs. Or, swing by for a warm cup of their mocha latte to-go that will keep you grinding the rest of the day! It’s worth a trip over if you love cozy cafes and the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee. 

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