Experience Authentic German Flavors at The Bronson Bierhall

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If you’ve ever been to Germany—or dreamed about the perfect trip while scrolling through Pinterest—the atmosphere at The Bronson Bierhall will be a familiar one. From brews to bratwursts, the flavors here are straight out of Deutschland. 


Branded as a “traditional German bar” in Ballston, The Bronson Bierhall offers authentic German-American dishes for delivery, takeout, and dine-in. Classics like giant Munich pretzels and German potato salad share menu space with more creative options like a sausage board (featuring the chef’s choice of five house made sausages), schnitzel fingers, and curry bratwurst. 


No bierhall would be complete without its beer list, of course. With bottles, cans, and brews on tap, Bronson’s offerings come from Germany and more local spots, like Richmond, Chantilly, Alexandria, and DC. If you’re not a beer drinker, there are plenty of cider, wine, and other options to enjoy, too. 


Whether you want a pint and a pretzel with beer cheese or you’re looking for a feast that belongs at Oktoberfest, you’ll find all the authentic German fare you could want at the Bronson Bierhall. Enjoy at home or at the Bierhall—with pierogies or pretzels, you’ll leave the table satisfied. 

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