Caffe Utopia and Bar Is a New Fast-Casual Eatery Near The Clark

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Caffe Utopia & Bar is now officially open for business in Alexandria. This unique spot serves up healthy, internationally inspired eats, focusing heavily but not solely on Ethiopian cuisine. Regardless of what you order, each bite is packed with complex aromas and flavors that will have you hooked! The goal here is to help you “bridge the gap between healthy and delicious,” emphasizing that great food shouldn’t be bland and doesn’t have to be filled with things that are terrible for you. 


Those who have tried it already have their favorite dishes. Many are raving about the Tibs entree, where you select lamb, beef, chicken, seafood or vegetarian option. Whatever you choose is simmered in Caffe Utopia's special sauce and paired with your choice of starch and side (injera is an Ethiopian flatbread that goes perfectly with it). Vegetarians are loving the pasta salutare, which is made with zucchini noodles. 


Caffe Utopia and Bar offers takeout and delivery via Yelp or DoorDash, as well as dine-in options. Make a reservation on their website before you go!

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