Practice Your Figure-Eights at the Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

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You might think that the end of fall means the end of outdoor recreation—think again. Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating has returned for the holiday season and beyond! Now through the end of March, the massive ice rink (the largest in Northern Virginia) will be open to the public for skating.

A few years ago a major overhaul breathed new life into the plaza at Pentagon Row, expanding its square footage to allow for more socially distanced fun. It now sprawls across a whopping 6,840 square feet, making it the biggest ice skating rink around. Kick back in front of the crackling outdoor fireplace as you await your chance to skate. Before you go, you’ll have to purchase a ticket and reserve a specific date and time online. The cost of admission  ($11) entitles you to a one-hour spin atop the ice, with rental skates for an added fee ($5). Has it been a while since you hit the ice? Sign up for the five-week course of adult skating lessons or schedule yourself a private session with a skating instructor.

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