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Sip Seasonal Brews at Kino Coffee - The Clark Blog

Sip Seasonal Brews at Kino Coffee

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Cold-brew coffee, pink grapefruit sparkling water, and rosemary-ginger syrup. Hand-squeezed lemonade, a shot of matcha, and jalapeno-basil syrup over ice. Chilled espresso, OJ, and caramel. These aren’t your average java drinks, and the only place you’ll find them is at Kino Coffee.

The first two are seasonal—dubbed the Ruby Rose and the jalapeno-basil lemonade—but the third, the Bumble, is available year-round. Patrons rave about the unexpected combination of citrus, caramel, and coffee, saying it’s a perfectly refreshing pick-me-up. For anyone who wants a bit of heat, the Atomic Bumble is infused with ghost peppers and adds a splash of tonic water. For something that’s both spicy and sweet, try the Bee Sting—it’s simply a cinnamon latte drizzled with habanero honey. If you don’t have time to come in for a brew, order a bag of your favorite coffee from the online store. These unique coffee drinks complement classic cups of joe and espresso at a coffeehouse that also serves as a cinema for independent films. Something new is always on the schedule, so check out what’s coming up on the events page

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